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  • Memory Upgrade
  • All Brands Repair
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Battery Replacement
  • Mac Diagnostic Service
  • Mac Water Damage Repair
  • 30 Days Warranty
  • Memory Upgrade/Replacement
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Cracked hinges or Panels
  • LCD Screen Repair
  • Hard drive Repair
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Laptop LCD Screen Repair
"Kevin has been providing IT services for my team over the last five years. From projects such as our transition to Google Apps to everyday tasks like backups and security, they are there for every step. This helps us to provide great service by having information accessible whether we are on location, on the road or at the office. I would and have recommended Primetek without hesitation to any business that is in need of professional IT services."

Anna Jorgensen

Anna Jorgensen Team
"We have a great deal of confidence in Primetek IT Solutions and highly recommend them for all business IT solutions in the Comox Valley. Their quick response time and excellent communication makes it easy to do business with them"

Lisa Henderson

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